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Spiderman to Be Released in IMAX and IMAX 3D

Posted on 28 January 2016 by admin

Sony’s reboot of Spiderman will be released in IMAX and IMAX 3D. The currently untitled Spider-Man movie is part of a deal between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment.
Sony recently announced that the release date has been moved to July 7, 2017. 3D filmmakers should take a look at what the VR guys are doing with their projects. 3D is a viable tool but still has been in my opinion widely under utilized and also used to cautiously. Audiences want an visual immersive experience. I think as we see virtual reality games and content hit the main stream market place, film makers will again learn from the video game market on how best to utilize the 3D format.
Source: Variety
By: Steven D. Ito

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Ghost in the Shell 3D VR Teaser Trailer

Posted on 25 November 2015 by admin

A few trailers were recently released on the website “ The teaser trailers are for the Production I.G’s Kokaku Kidotai Shin Gekijo-ban.
translates (Ghost in the Shell Virtuality Reality Diver). The detail is amazing looks like a very cool immersive entertainment experience. It looks like 3D VR is fast becoming the future of entertainment®.

Take a look at the trailer we’ve included the 2-dimension youtube version. Click on the link below to view the complete article from “


By: Steven D. Ito®
The Future of Entertainment®

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Hulu and Netflix to Launch Virtual-Reality Apps

Posted on 30 September 2015 by admin

Facebook’s innovative new product “The Oculus”, will usher in an immersive new viewing experience. The Future of Entertainment®. I remember talking about the “Oculus Rift” to a few kids, they said, “no one will wear goggles while playing games.” I said wait and see! While monitoring the 3D Entertainment market, I’ve notice 3D Printing and 3D VR gaining a lot of momentum. The Virtual Reality content makers seem to be making the type of content that 3D filmmakers are capable of but are not doing. They are cheating audiences out of a truly immersive experience. Studios are also leaving millions of dollars on the table from consumers who are looking for that magical 3D movie experience that we last saw in James Cameron’s 2010 “Avatar”.
RealD, theater owners, studios, do you guys want to increase revenue at 3D movies? Then stop making the movies so dam flat!
I was fortunate enough recently, to demo a Samsung VR headset and it was a cool immersive experience. Good VR, is what I think good 3D film should look like. Film makers/stereographers, you need to put the viewer in the action of the movie! Not outside like they are looking through a fishbowl.
Game developers set the bar for filmmakers once before and now all tent pole movies are like a giant video game. I guess they will do it again, as I’m sure VR and 3D film-makers will cross paths and hopefully we’ll have 3D and VR content that is worth paying a premium for. I know it’ll happen…it’s just taking such a long time for the studios to get it right. 3D and VR is “The Future of Entertainment®”.
Ok, back to the breaking news! Variety announced Netflix and Hulu have plans to launch new virtuality-reality apps. The apps will allow viewers to watch VR and 3D content on the Oculus headset or on the Samsung VR headset. I’m sure it’ll be compatible with Microsoft’s as well as Sony’s Morpheus VR headset.
You’ll also be able to watch shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black per CNN on the new Samsung Gear VR.

Source: Variety, CNN

By: Steven D. Itp

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“Pan” Up Close with Director Joe Wright

Posted on 20 September 2015 by admin

Pan is the upcoming whimsical 3D action adventure from the studio that brought you the Harry Potter franchise. Stay tuned to both our website and YouTube Channel as we release exclusive clips from the movie as well as up close personal interviews with the cast and film makers in what could be the one of the best 3D films since Avatar. Well…we haven’t seen the film yet in 3D…but the story sure lends itself to a magical immersive 3D landscape. Let’s hope the film makers and stereographers get it right this time. In the mean time enjoy the interview with the director of “Pan” Joe Wright.

Courtesy: Warner Brothers Studios.

BY: Steven D. Ito

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Terracotta Warriors 3D Musical

Posted on 12 August 2015 by admin

A massive and immersive 3D LED video wall made up of more than two million LED lights sets the backdrop for the Newman Center’s latest musical production. The 3D video wall was developed by a Chinese professor and the technology was brought to the United States by
Dr Dennis Law the show’s writer and producer.The Terracotta Warriors 3D show takes place at the University of Denver’s Newman Center and runs through Sept. 6. Terracotta Warriors 3D tells the classic story
of the Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang, who ruled between 220 and 210 B.C. and whose tomb contains a life-size army of Terracotta Warriors seen through the eyes of his eunuch.
Audience members will be required to wear 3D glasses to get the full effect. I wonder if they are RealD supplied 3D glasses? Hmm…I’ll try to find out the type they used for the show. The cast members include both American dancers as well as a troope of 50 Chinese performers from overseas.

Source: Denver Post
By: Steven D. Ito

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Universal Pictures Jurassic World Scores in 3D!

Posted on 16 June 2015 by admin

Universal Pictures recent release of Jurassic World dominated the world-wide box-office this weekend. The film generated 65% of it’s box office receipts from the sale of 3D tickets.
CNN money reports that $205 million of the estimated $315.7 million dollar record breaking International release came from sales of 3D tickets.
3D Entertainment is becoming “The Future of Entertainment®”. Just think of the increased box office with even stronger word of mouth of a visually stunning 3D constructed film.
Still many of the current tentpole films the studios have been releasing in 3D have been visually flat. The conversion companies are still missing key moments to really immerse the audience in the film. I’m not sure if it’s the conversion companies or the directors choice to use the 3D effect in such a conservative manner. I’ve talked to moviegoers and guest of NowPlaying3D and all agree…they love the 3D film format but wish there was a bit more!

Source: CNN Money

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The New Harry Potter Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood to Be in 3D

Posted on 06 June 2015 by admin

Universal Studios will again cash in on one of it’s iconic film franchises. The ever popular Harry Potter will be made into an 3D attraction coming next spring.
Universal Studios Hollywood will create a 3D flight simulator ride based on the enormously popular books and films about the World of Harry Potter.
The new ride will open in the spring of 2016. The attraction will feature imagery with enhanced 3D technology. The competition is heating up as Southern California theme parks
try to woo new customers with new rides and attractions. 3D seems to be The Future of Entertainment® as this year Knots Berry Farm has added their own new 3D attraction.

Knott’s Berry Farms new attraction is describes as a roller coaster that takes guest on a hair raising ride under the sea featuring 3D imagery! Sound pretty cool!

Source: Universal
Knotts Berry Farm

By: Steven D. Ito

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Kraftwerk in a 3D concert fall 2015

Posted on 04 May 2015 by admin

Electronic music pioneers, Kraftwerk have announced a 12-city North American tour that will kick-off on Sept. 16th.
The 3D tour requires fans to wear paper 3D glasses. Kraftwerk was founded as an experimental rock band in Dusseldorf Germany in 1970. Kraftwerk is best known for their hit The Model, The Robot and Autobahn just to name a few.
Tickets go on sale at 10am Friday, May 8th. Prices start at $59.50 to $79.50.

Source: Kraftwerks, Consequence of Sound


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LA Clippers 3D Pre-Game Show

Posted on 26 March 2015 by admin

Los Angeles Clippers 3D Court Projection 3/20/15 from The Famous Group on Vimeo.

Looks like everyone’s going 3D! The Famous Group was recently enlisted by the Los Angeles Clippers to create a 3D Pre-Game show. The outcome…stunning!
The Famous Group has also created 3D magic for the Brooklyn Nets, The New York Nets, Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Wizards. More to follow I’m sure. Crowd response has been amazing reports Adweek online.

Check out the video courtesy and property of The Famous Group. For more in-depth info on how the 3D pre-game show was created click on The Famous Group.

Source: The Famous Group; Adweek.

BY: Steven D. Ito

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Pixar’s 3D animated movie “Up” for 3DS in Japan

Posted on 30 December 2014 by admin

Pixar’s 3D animated movie “Up” is available for sale in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS. We reported on the possibility of Nintendo offering 3D movies for the 3DS a few years ago. I’m sure it was in their sights all along but content was just scarce. I think the 3D format is “The Future of Entertainment®” all the pieces are starting to fall in place.
A logical move given the number of available 3D Family Films. Disney and Nintendo released the 3D animated film on Christmas eve in Japan only.
No word yet if the 3D movie will be offered world-wide or even here in the Unites States. The movie cost about 3240 yen or about $27 US dollars, it’s a pretty steep price for a digital download.
But thing, it is in 3D and can be watched on your personal 3DS device which is pretty cool. Would be pretty cool to have your own personal 3D copy of Disney’s Pixar’s “Big Hero 6″.
Stay tuned more as we get it!

By: Steven D. Ito
Source: Gameranx;Nintendo Japan

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Toshiba Develops Glasses-Free 3D Television

Posted on 29 December 2014 by admin

Toshiba Develops Glasses-Free 3D Television:

Toshiba just announced it has developed a new technology for 3D displays that do not require the viewer to wear 3D glasses. The technology realizes a highly portable, compact display that the user can easily switch between 2D mode Ultra-High Def 4K and High Definition 3D. Toshiba will unveil their new Glasses-Free Technology at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Sow in Las Vegas, which runs from January 6th-9th.

Toshiba unveiled an earlier version of Glasses-Free 3D a few years ago but the early attempt though noted, as a breakthrough just didn’t produce an enjoyable viewing experience. Toshiba’s earlier Glasses Free 3D TV had a sweet spot and very limited viewing angles. There was a lot of cross talk in Toshiba’s earlier attempt.

According to the recent Toshiba press release the new Glasses-Free 3D Television will be a game changer. Moving forward Toshiba said that the new technology could be applied to screens of any size even mobile.

A few other companies will be announcing their versions of Glasses-Free 3D Televisions, which is said to be the Holy-Grail of Televisions if the electronics manufacture can get it right.

Not sure if Toshiba is in partnership with Dolby and Phillips. The later two formed a strategic partnership and have combined technologies to create a pretty impressive Glasses-Free 3D Television which I had the pleasure of experiencing first hand. Dolby’s 3D HD television was pretty impressive.

By: Steven D. Ito
Source: Business Wire Toshiba 3D

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Samsung VR and 3D

Posted on 19 December 2014 by admin

Online tech website Phandroid reports on Oculus Rift and the new Samsung VR device ability to play 3D movies.
The two cutting edge VR 3D tech gadgets are Future Proofing their devices by allowing the user
the capability to import and watch movies in the third dimension via virtual cinema mode. For a more detail on the process click on the Phandroid or Samsung VR link belowThe past four years we saw the highs and lows of 3D cinema. Even though the technology has been around for decades, current television electronic companies and film makers fumbled with the technology. A handful of film-makers seem to understand the artistic, immersive impact 3D could have on the viewer…but many are still to conservative in their use of the technology and in my opinion are missing key moments in which to utilize the new 3D technology. Many of the recent 3D releases felt as if you were looking through a window and watching a moment in time (not bad) as opposed to really immersing the audience in the scene, example Avatar’s “Tree of Souls,” truly a magical cinema moment. Glad to still see the tech giants and filmmakers still have 3D and VR firmly planted in their sights.

Steven D. Ito
Source: Phandroid, Samsung VR

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Paul McCartney Goes 3D with New Virtual Reality APP

Posted on 21 November 2014 by admin

3D VR startup company Jaunt established in 2013 was on hand to capture Sir Paul McCarthy’s final concert at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park in 3D. Jaunt has release the 3D experience
its first piece of content which can be used with Googles new APP Google Cardboard.

Quote for Jaunt co-founder Jens Christensen: “Today we have released this spectacular experience to the public. Feel as though you’re by Sir Paul’s side as he plays “Live and Let Die”- see it in 360-degree, stereoscopic 3D, hear it with ambisonic audio and immerse yourself in cinematic VR. It’s like nothing you have seen, heard or felt before.”

In order to view the concert in 3D you’ll need a newer smartphone and the Google Cardboard virtual reality viewer. The Google Cardboard 3D VR viewer is a do-it yourself kit. The 3D Paul McCarthy experience will be coming to Oculus Rift soon!
Jaunt plans to make headway into the emerging new world of 3D VR feature film making. Jaunt is working with Los Angeles based filmmaker New Deal Studios. The two will be developing a cinematic project using Jaunts 3D cameras and is developing a horror and a World War II movie.

Source: LaTimes, Jaunt

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NBA 3D Pre-Game Video

Posted on 29 October 2014 by admin

3D pre-game video half time shows are pretty awesome! We reported earlier this year the use of 3D pre-game videos by The Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago Bulls, Montreal Canadians Hockey team. On Monday the Philadelphia 76ers previewed their 3D pre-game show featuring the technology from Quince Imaging. The audience response has been pretty amazing. Look for more 3D pre-game shows coming to an arena near you. Click on the “read more” link and watch a short video of the 76ers 3D pre-game show, sorry about the lengthy ad. Video courtesy and property of CBS sports.

Source: CBS sports, video property of CBS sports.

BY: Steven D. Ito

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The Future of Entertainment® 3D Museums

Posted on 29 August 2014 by admin

CNBC reports that “3D art” might be the “Future of Entertainment® and a big draw for Tourism in Asia.
I have to agree! And not just for Asia. Ever since I saw the amazing reaction and active participation from all ages of 3D street art, it made me relaize that there is something truly magical about 3D imagery. At the Suntec city shopping mall in Singapore visitors at the Alive Museum gather to take pictures of themselves interacting with the 3D art.

In a recent CNBC report one visitor to Singapore’s latest attraction waited in line for up to three hours to take a picture of herself riding Harry Potter’s broomstick complete with a backdrop of a scene picked from the hugely popular Harry Potter film franchise. The visitor was thrilled with when she left the museum with a photo riding Harry Potter’s broomstick.
The 3D museums are expected to be big business throughout Asia. Popularized first in the Korean market, it has since spread to China, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Two museums Trick Eye Museum and Alive Museum which opened in June 2014 in Singapore just in time for summer break and family vacations were overwhelmed with visitors. Photo taking and sharing along with social media, finding that unique photo is on everyones to do list. The 3D art museums are fulfilling all the requirements for a must see travel destination and outing. Engaging, interactive, new, fun open to all ages, educational. We’ll try to post locations for the 3D museums on our website.
3D art is very popular around the world. 3D artist have been hired to paint interactive 3D art for spectators all around the globe. We’ll report more on this growing trend.
Source: CNBC

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Hockey Canadians Amazing 3D pregame ceremony

Posted on 21 April 2014 by admin

Canadian’s 3D Pregame.

Cleveland Cavaliers 3D pregame show.

Post Avatar, 3D seems to be gaining popularity across numerous platforms and mediums from film, live sports, live concerts, advertising, etc. Take another look at the attention grabbing use of the latest 3D technology.
Last month the Cleveland Caviler’s used a combination of 3D mapping techniques and HD video projection to deliver a
entertaining and stunning 3D pregame show. The company behind the Cavaliers 3D pregame show was Quince Imaging. Quince Imaging utilized 16 HD projectors creating a pixel space of 3600×1878, the Cleveland event was held on March 8th at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland. Not sure if they’re the same company that delivered
Halifax Mooseheads recent 3D show. We’ve included videos of each, both have gone viral.
The Future of Entertainment®

By: Steven D. Ito

Source: CBS Detroit
CBS Sports
Quince Imaging

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Animated GIF of a 3D Bear

Posted on 18 April 2014 by admin

GIF, pronounced JIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. GIF’s are image files that are compressed to reduce transfer time.
Thought the animated bear was pretty cool, so I had to share it with you guys. The GIF is composed of a 3D printed bear. The two companies involved DBLG and Blue Zoo created the 3D animation, “Bear on Stairs.”
The two creative media companies combined old school stop motion with the latest tech craze, 3D printing.
It’s being reported that the GIF is made up of 40-50 individual 3D printed bear. Each 3D printed bear is set in position then photographed. The photos are stitched together to form one seamless animation.
The detailed process took four weeks to complete.
A number of 3D animated movies have utilized the same stop motion process in their movies but I don’t think they incorporated the use of 3D printed characters! The recently released Lego Movie, incorporated a mix of stop motion and computer animation. Pirates Band of Misfits, Frankenweenie, Wallace and Gromit, Coraline and ParaNorman are a few of the top noted stop motion features. We have the trailer for Paranorman and a few others located on our Youtube Channel or in our trailer section. Look for Boxtrails, a 3D animated feature coming out later this year. We have a few behind the scenes video on the making of ParaNorman and most of the characters seem to be made individually by artist.
The 3D animated Bear, what a great calling card for the future of stop motion filmmaking and 3D printing.

BY: S.D. Ito

Source: Blue Zoo, DBLG

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The Avengers 3D Press Conference

Posted on 26 April 2012 by admin

Click on the youtube icon and watch in HD and full screen.

class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-1673" />

Check out The Avengers 3D press conference featuring, Kevin Feige, Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo. In the second set of press conference videos you can watch Cobie Smulders, Jeremy Renner, Joss Whedon, Tom Hiddleston and Clark Gregg.
Marvel’s The Avengers An IMAX 3D Experience
Release Date: May 4, 2012.

Marvel Studios presents, in association with Paramount Pictures, Marvel’s The Avengers–the super hero team up of a lifetime, featuring Marvel super heroes Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow.

When an unexpected enemy emerges that threatens global safety and security, Nick Fury, director of the international peacekeeping agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D., finds himself in need of a team to pull the world back from the brink of disaster. Spanning the globe, a daring recruitment effort begins.

Starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner and Samuel L. Jackson, produced by Kevin Feige and written and directed by Joss Whedon, Marvel’s The Avengers is based on the ever-popular Marvel comic book series “The Avengers,” first published in 1963. The film will be distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Don’t miss Marvel’s The Avengers in theaters on May 4th!

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