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Gaming Smartphone Snail Mobil W3D is ready for Pre-Order on Amazon

Posted on 21 June 2015 by admin

Snail Games demoed and announced their new Glasses free 3D gaming cell phone at CES 2015. There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the new Glasses Free Android based 3D gaming cell phone at this years E3 convention held in Los Angeles. The W3D gaming cell phone comes equipped with a 2.2 GHz eight-core huh speed CPU, 2 GB RAM, 16GB built-in storage, a 5.5-inch HD screen, eye tracking, 1080p resolution and a glasses-free 3D display. A lot of bang for the buck! For gamers, the W3D comes equipped with shoulder buttons, dual joysticks, D-pag and four face buttons that are usually found on handheld gaming devices. The Snail Games W3D mobil gaming device can now be pre-ordered on Amazon for $399.00 USD. For more information visit Snail Games or click on the Amazon link to pre-order. Look for a September 29th 2015 release date per Amazon’s website.

Source: Snail Games
Android Community

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Universal Pictures Jurassic World Scores in 3D!

Posted on 16 June 2015 by admin

Universal Pictures recent release of Jurassic World dominated the world-wide box-office this weekend. The film generated 65% of it’s box office receipts from the sale of 3D tickets.
CNN money reports that $205 million of the estimated $315.7 million dollar record breaking International release came from sales of 3D tickets.
3D Entertainment is becoming “The Future of Entertainment®”. Just think of the increased box office with even stronger word of mouth of a visually stunning 3D constructed film.
Still many of the current tentpole films the studios have been releasing in 3D have been visually flat. The conversion companies are still missing key moments to really immerse the audience in the film. I’m not sure if it’s the conversion companies or the directors choice to use the 3D effect in such a conservative manner. I’ve talked to moviegoers and guest of NowPlaying3D and all agree…they love the 3D film format but wish there was a bit more!

Source: CNN Money

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The New Harry Potter Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood to Be in 3D

Posted on 06 June 2015 by admin

Universal Studios will again cash in on one of it’s iconic film franchises. The ever popular Harry Potter will be made into an 3D attraction coming next spring.
Universal Studios Hollywood will create a 3D flight simulator ride based on the enormously popular books and films about the World of Harry Potter.
The new ride will open in the spring of 2016. The attraction will feature imagery with enhanced 3D technology. The competition is heating up as Southern California theme parks
try to woo new customers with new rides and attractions. 3D seems to be The Future of Entertainment® as this year Knots Berry Farm has added their own new 3D attraction.

Knott’s Berry Farms new attraction is describes as a roller coaster that takes guest on a hair raising ride under the sea featuring 3D imagery! Sound pretty cool!

Source: Universal
Knotts Berry Farm

By: Steven D. Ito

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Google’s Jump Program Helps Push VR 3D Mainstream

Posted on 31 May 2015 by admin

Avatar proved the world is interested in an immersive 3D experience. Hollywood immediately tried to cash in on the trend, rushing to market with poorly shot and poorly converted 3D movies to tarnish the 3D movie image a bit. The tech community and Silicone Valley saw the potential in 3D VR entertainment, meaning Google with the acquisition of Oculus Rift and Microsoft development in the Hololen’s. The test results recent VR demos has beed really amazing!
Engineers and designers are finding an array of uses for the VR format well beyond gaming. VR is being used in the classroom, medical fields and in the military as a truing tool just to name a few.
Sony and Samsung have jumped into the game as well. Sony with it’s Project Morpheus and Samsung’s partnership with Oculus. I think with the tech community firmly planted and moving forward with 3D VR the future looks very bright. Google recently announced the launch of Jump, a camera rig that is offered as an open sourced specification. You download the design from Google and 3D print up a carousel that fits 16-3D cameras, the demo uses 16- GoPro cameras. The move is to help drive the development of new 3D VR content by putting the tools into the hands of consumers. Upload your 3D VR content and let Google work their magic sticking the footage together and presto 3D VR on you tube. The process sound easy but online reports there is a backlog of video that is waiting to be processed. Imagine 16-HD source files that need to be processed, that will take an incredible amount of computing processing power. But given that Google is behind it I’m sure they’ll find a way to streamline the process. Click on the Google link to learn more. Video courtesy of

Source: Google, CNET.

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GoPro Hero 5 Rumored to Feature 8K 3D

Posted on 18 May 2015 by admin

The latest consumer industry favorite compact action sports camera is rumored to feature 4K recording, Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless file transfers and a 2800mAh battery.
The “Day Herald” reports that there are rumors floating around online suggest 8K with 3D recording capabilities. The 8K 3D sounds amazing but file transfer and rendering times could pose
a bit of a problem for most consumer applications. The expected release date is in the forth quarter of 2015. GoPro has a system that is currently available that allows users to capture native 3D by syncing two cameras together in their “Dual Hero System”. The Dual capturing system records 2D video or photos then converts them to 3D using GoPro’s free Studio editing software.

Source: GoPro
Daily Herald

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Fast and Furious Theme Park Ride Coming to Universal Studios

Posted on 14 May 2015 by admin

Theme parks have a long standing relationship with film and television properties. This is especially true
in the case of Global theme parks like Disney and Universal Studios. Universal Studios has been on a roll lately,
by exploiting the popularity of some of it’s biggest movie franchises by creating a theme park ride based on cast and elements of that franchise.
Universal recently announced that it will be developing the mega-hit movie franchise, Fast and Furious into an high speed 3D theme park ride filled with all the bells and whistles.
The action packed ride will utilize the latest in 3D HD imagery projected onto the world’s most expansive 360-degree screens per Universal’s press release.
Can’t wait to demo this one! Opens June 25th 2015.

Source: Universal Studios

By: Steven D. Ito

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3D Thunder Blade Available For Nintendo 3DS

Posted on 14 May 2015 by admin

Sega announced today that it has remastered 3D Thunder Blade exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. The remastered
Sega game is now available for sale in the Nintendo eShop. 3D Thunder Blade was originally released in 1987.
In 3D Thunder Blade players control a helicopter and use guns and missiles to destry enemy vehicles while flying between buildings, caves and into enemy bases.

Source:, IGN

BY: Steven D. Ito

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Kraftwerk in a 3D concert fall 2015

Posted on 04 May 2015 by admin

Electronic music pioneers, Kraftwerk have announced a 12-city North American tour that will kick-off on Sept. 16th.
The 3D tour requires fans to wear paper 3D glasses. Kraftwerk was founded as an experimental rock band in Dusseldorf Germany in 1970. Kraftwerk is best known for their hit The Model, The Robot and Autobahn just to name a few.
Tickets go on sale at 10am Friday, May 8th. Prices start at $59.50 to $79.50.

Source: Kraftwerks, Consequence of Sound


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Updated 3D Streets of Rage 2 for Nintendo 3DS

Posted on 28 April 2015 by admin

Sega recently announced plans for the next generation of Sega 3D Classic games. The new Sega 3D Classic games will feature
3D enhanced versions of favorites from the arcade and Genesis/Mega Drive days to the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Siliconera reports
that 3D Streets of Rage 2 is due out in July, but it arrives a few months early in Japan, hitting shelves there on April 28th 2015.

We’ve included a 3D clip that you can watch on your 3DS and you should be able to watch it if you have a pair of anaglyphic glasses handy.

Source: Siliconera

By: Steven D. Ito

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Intel Real Sense camera fitted into smartphone

Posted on 12 April 2015 by admin

The Intel RealSense 3D depth camera can be used to recognize head and hand movement and it also allows a change in focus after the pictures have been taken.
The proto type was unveil in Shenzhen China by Intel’s CEO Brian Kranich. Intel has been a huge backer of 3D scanning and gesture control. So far Intel has managed to integrate its RealSense 3D technology into desktops, laptops and even drones noted a report from online tech source Engadget. The excitement surrounding the recent news release is that now the new RealSense 3D camera because of it’s significantly scaled down size will be
easily incorporated into next generation smartphones. An added plus for the emerging consumer 3D printing market. 3D gaming with gesture control is another hot area for the Intel ReaSense 3D cameras. For more information click on the source links below.

Source: Engadget, Intel

By: Steven D. Ito

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LA Clippers 3D Pre-Game Show

Posted on 26 March 2015 by admin

Los Angeles Clippers 3D Court Projection 3/20/15 from The Famous Group on Vimeo.

Looks like everyone’s going 3D! The Famous Group was recently enlisted by the Los Angeles Clippers to create a 3D Pre-Game show. The outcome…stunning!
The Famous Group has also created 3D magic for the Brooklyn Nets, The New York Nets, Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Wizards. More to follow I’m sure. Crowd response has been amazing reports Adweek online.

Check out the video courtesy and property of The Famous Group. For more in-depth info on how the 3D pre-game show was created click on The Famous Group.

Source: The Famous Group; Adweek.

BY: Steven D. Ito

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3D Cameras Embedded in Future Technology

Posted on 24 March 2015 by admin

ABC news, early morning edition had an interesting story featuring an up close look at a new 3D imaging technology coming to market. Contributing tech reporter Tina Trinh took a look at a 3D body scan by start up, “Body Labs.” Body Labs is currently working with the US army to perfect their body armor fit and design. Body Labs takes a 3D image of different body types in order to design a more perfect fitting Body Armor. Other uses mentioned were for fashion and the health and fitness industry. Tina also tested the latest new 3D imaging tablet from Dell called the Venue8 7000. The new Dell tablet is able to photograph a room and or objects and give actual dimension including height and width of captured objects. Tina noted that the Dell product performed well but with a few noted flaws. For a more detailed report check out the enclosed video from ABC new.

Look for 3D technology in upcoming video games, tentpole movies, advertisements, lenticular marketing materials, upcoming tablets and smartphones, health industry and across all sectors of both consumer and industrial goods and products and applications.

Source: ABC NEWS

BY: Steven D. Ito

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Insurgent Opens in 3D March 20th 2015

Posted on 19 March 2015 by admin

Just in time for the school break, Insurgent will open nationwide in 3D, thanks to a new partnership with RealD and the growing demand for 3D content overseas.

Take a look at the 3D motion posters that have been poping up online. The one’s we’re featuring are courtesy of ScreenRant via MTV (Caleb), IGN (Tori), MovieFone (Uriah).

Screenrant reports that the film looks to be post converted due to the late announcement. Converted to 3D in post production should be ok if the post conversion company is not too conservative in it’s use of 3D!

Very few films even though they are marketed as 3D films have that truly immersive quality 3D quality that the world fell in love with in James Cameron’s Avatar.

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Dominique Wilkins Honored with 3D Intro

Posted on 12 March 2015 by admin

“3D”, seems to cross all platforms of our culture from3D movies, 3D Games to 3D printed clothing and 3D products.
3D imagery when done right has an amazing long lasting wow effect on end users and viewers. The Atlanta Hawks recently proved the power of 3D imagery by the Pre-Game full court 3D Display for NBA great Dominique Wilkins during a recent line up with the Cavaliers.
Take a look at the Pre-Game 3D Tribute from the Atlanta Hawks.

Source: Sports

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The Lego Movie Sequel

Posted on 04 March 2015 by admin

Multiple online sources report that The Lego Movie is getting a sequel. Deadline reports that the official title to the film is “The Lego Movie Sequel.”
The previous title was referred to as “The Lego Movie 2.” Deadline also reports that the director for the Lego Sequel is Rob Schrab. Rob comes from the world of live-action TV. Credits include
Comedy Central’s The Sarah Silverman Program, NBC’s Community and Fox’s The Mindy Project to name a few.

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Peter Pau’s “Snow Girl” Gets a 3D Release in North America

Posted on 03 March 2015 by admin

Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal is one of the biggest films this year in China, will get a 3D release in North America beginning on Feb. 27th. The film is a action fantasy that explores the legend go Zhong Kui, a mythical Chinese warrior who is forced to conquer the realms of Heaven and Hell to save his people and the woman he loves. 3D films are considered a premium form of entertainment in China and are extremely popular.
A 3D international release of a film is rare in North America, according to a quote taken from Doris Pfardrescher in a Variety article. Doris Pfardrescher is president and CEO of Well Go USA, “sometimes there’s a movie so visually stunning that 3D will take that film experience to a higher level.” The 3D film is co-directed by Oscar-winning cinematographer Peter Pau of “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” fame.

Source: Variety

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James Franco starring in a Wim Wenders 3D movie

Posted on 03 March 2015 by admin

Wim Wenders Oscar nominated director for his documentary “Salt of the Earth.” Also the noted 2011 3D dance documentary “Pina,” returns again to 3D.
Wenders showcased his latest 3D film “Everything will be Fine” at the Berlin Film Festival. The 3D drama stars James Franco. For a full report click here.

Source: Indie Wire, Variety

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New iPhone rumors suggest a 3D display

Posted on 18 February 2015 by admin

Every year a just ahead of the release of the latest iPhone rumors start to surface online about possible features of the must have device. The latest news for upcoming 2015 iPhone seems to be one with the possibility of a 3D user interface. Some suggest a glasses-free 3D display others mention the possibility of a 3D touch display. There’s been some pretty solid evidence to support these online claims. Last year we wrote about Patently Apple’s findings, which include the mentioned 3D user interface as well as a 3D gesture control. There have also been some online leaks from overseas screen manufactures in support of the online rumors. Stay tuned more when it comes in.

Source: Patently Apple, Silicon Angle.

By: Steven D. Ito

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New Nintendo 3DS XL Launches in the US

Posted on 13 February 2015 by admin

The new Nintendo 3DS XL launches today in the US. I’ll pick one up later this week and pass it on to my kid for review.
So far the online review have been pretty good for the newly released except for one thing. Nintendo decided not to include a power cord in the new 3DS XL package. Kotaku reports that the power cord from the original 3DS will work if you happen to have one but if not you can probably find one online for under $15.00. So far that really seems to be the consistent complaint from online reviewers.
On a positive note the new Nintendo includes a new eye tracking system so the 3D looks sharp even when moving your head or the device, unlike the previous 3DS also look for faster processing power, newly added joysticks, 3D face tracking, built-in Amiibo, suggested retail price $199.00.

Source: Kotaku, Nintendo 3DS

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Mockingjay Part 2 to be released in Imax 3D

Posted on 06 February 2015 by admin

We reported last week that Mockingjay would be getting a 3D release made especially for China. Lionsgate just announced that Mockinjay Part 2 will also get a 3D makeover and a 3D release her stateside.
The 3D format for Mockingjay Part 2 is a first for the mega franchise film. Entertainment Weekly reports that films director Francis Lawrence was thrilled with the recent decision to release Mockingjay Part 2 in 3D after seeing how immersive the 3D version for China was. Mockingjay Part 2 will be release on November 20th 2015 domestically.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

By: Steven D. Ito

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