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Posted on 01 December 2010 by admin® The Ultimate Destination For All Things 3D!® is focused on showcasing the latest in 3D entertainment.

Before you pay a premium price for 3D entertainment log onto to®.

In the exciting and emerging world of 3D entertainment, our focus is to inform the consumer on the latest in 3D movies, 3D Blu-Ray, 3D gaming, 3D mobil and the ever growing new forms of 3D entertainment across multiple-platforms.

View trailers and behind the scene clips for upcoming 3D movies, get the inside scoop on the coolest 3D gadgets and new innovations in the evolving world of 3D entertainment.
As the 3D marketplace expands and new industry and products come to fruition. Look to® to scale alongside side the new 3D landscape and to keep the viewers abreast of the best new innovations in consumer related 3D products and entertainment!

Share with family and friends your favorite 3D photos and 3D videos coming soon from®

Steven D. Ito/Founder
Steven has been an active member of the film industry for close to two decades. Steven has worked alongside noteable and recent 3D filmmakers such as Ridley Scott whose Prometheus 3D was one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2012 (Black Rain, Ridley Scott as DP), Paul W.S. Anderson (Mortal Kombat, Soldier) and Tim Burton ( Mars Attacks). Steven has worked on camera and behind the scenes on dozens of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters including, “Charlie’s Angels”, “Swordfish” and Batman and Robin,” just to name a few. Steven also served as the motion capture coordinator and stunt coordinator on the mega-franchise video-game “God of War,” for Sony Computer Entertainment, The “God of War” franchise has sold more that 21 million units to date. Steven also served as the motion capture coordinator and stunt coordinator on Universal’s/Black Label games “The Red Ninja,” he also co-produced a behind the scenes stunt segment of the popular TV series Alias that aired on Access Hollywood. Steven packaged the Final Fu pilot representing the La Brea studios in a deal with MTV2 and Viacom.
Looking for new challenges…
Post “Avatar,”entertained and impressed by Cameron’s use of the “new” 3D technology knowing from that point on that the new 3D Format would be a game changer for the entire film and electronics industry.
Looking ahead knowing there would be a plethora of new 3D movies and products coming to market in the near future, Steven saw the need to bridge the gap between the emerging 3D marketplace and the consumer with an engaging 3D specific website.
To bring his vision to light Steven enlisted the web/design group, whose credits include the sites for Lady Gaga, Kanye West, The Pussycat Dolls and Universal Music just to name a few.

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