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Arthur Christmas in 3D coming soon

Posted on 07 October 2011 by admin

Arthur played by James McAvoy.

Arthur Christmas in 3D an Aardman production for Sony Pictures Animation, at last reveals the incredible, never seen before answer to every child’s question: So how does Santa deliver all those presents in one night? The answer. Santa’s exhilarating, ultra high tech operation hidden beneath the North Pole. But at the heart of the film is a story with the ingredients of a Christmas classic-a family in a state of comic dysfunction and an unlikely hereo, Arthur, with an urgent mission that must be completed before Christmas morning dawns.

review by: Steven D. Ito
A sneak peak at Arthur Christmas in 3D. Scheduled to hit theaters November 23rd 2011. The film is still currently in production in the UK. A section of the Sony lot in sunny Culver City was transformed into a mini-winter wonderland. A nice treat leading into the holiday months. Arthur Christmas in 3D is a clever modern day twist on a holiday classic. The 30 minute sneak peak was as unexpected and enjoyable as the early Christmas vibe that Sony provided for the guests of the screening.

A film for all ages…a ton of kids were in attendance for the Arthur Christmas preview. We also had a couple of 13 year old boys in tow as well. Christian and Brandon our 13 year old boys restless, hard to please, inherently tough critics loved what they saw. Myself a bit older enjoyed the clever generational references to lead based paint and the other politically incorrect but humorous cliches which helped define the films characters and which also triggered fond memories of some of my favorite toxic toys and of the social climate of years gone by. is a 3D specific site so I was a bit disappointed that the sneak peak was not shown in 3D. I have to say that if the key 3D elements are parallel to the animation and writing I think Sony and Aardman could have a huge hit on their hands. The 3D elements I’m hoping for are that immersive quality of foreground elements that feel as though you can reach out and touch them. I saw a number of scenes that had the potential to be really amazing in 3D.
Sarah Smith, Peter Baynham, great story and characters, if you nail the 3D…wow!
Sarah Smith if you read this article get the 3D right because I loved what I saw. I know Sony is all about 3D and so am I.
I’m really looking forward to seeing this one in theaters…in 3D of course!
Arthur Christmas in 3D featuring the vocal talents of (James McAvoy) as Arthur, (Hugh Laurie) as Steve, (Jim Broadbent) as Santa, (Bill Nighy) as Grandsanta, (Imelda Staunton) as Mrs. Santa, (Ashley Jensen) as Bryony.

by Steven D. Ito

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