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New Designer 3D Glasses by OSKAV

Posted on 24 May 2012 by admin

Post Avatar, a slew of poorly executed 3D movies cluttered theater’s. Critics and movie-goer’s alike thought movies in the 3D format was just a passing fad and a way for studios to make a quick buck. But luckily for consumers, many filmmakers saw the genius behind James Cameron’s use of the new 3D technology and decided to give the 3D format a go. Hugo, Avengers 3D, Arthur Christmas, The Lorax (stunning 3D), Madagascar 3D, Brave 3D,The Amazing Spiderman and the highly anticipated Prometheus 3D from Ridley Scott are just a few titles that have helped solidify the future of 3D filmmaking.

Ok so here’s the question… with all these amazing 3D tentpoles pics hitting the big screen do we still have to wear those uncomfortable free 3D glasses? The answer is NO! Thanks to companies like Oskav a european based designer eyewear company.
I have to say their collection of passive 3D glasses look great! You can order direct from the company which is one of the ways Oskav is able to offer designer 3D glasses at an affordable price.
We’re waiting to get our hands on some actual product and we’ll let you know what we think.

Below is a sample image from their collection and one of my favorites. To see more of the Oskav collection visit… Oskav.

We haven’t seen the glasses in person yet. But the crew here at NowPlaying3D R digging Oskav’s style.
Stay tuned. Let us know your thoughts. Thanks.

All images in this article are property of OSKAV.


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