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Los Angeles 3D Film Festival

Posted on 14 October 2012 by admin

I attended a few of the screenings at the recent Los Angeles 3D Film Festival. I have to give a big shout out to Battle of Warsaw 3D, amazing! The 3D
was excellent. There has been a lot of talk around the industry that 3D is the wrong format for a narritive, wrong! That is absolutely false and I say so after viewing the beautiful and engaging Battle of Warsaw 3D at the Los Angeles Film Festival.
I walked into the middle of the sub-titled 3D film with a couple of friends, just to get a sense of the caliber of 3D. My friends and I were hooked and even though we missed the beginning. Everyone in my group wanted to stay and see the film to the end. That was one of the few films since Avatar that I heard a general positive reaction to the use of 3D.
What the filmmakers did was dressed each scene. Throughout the film there was something going on in the foreground, mid, and background which is the right formula for composing a 3D shot.
The filmakers had a bit of trouble covering the action scenes, it looked like they tried to cover the stunt action the same way you cover it filming in 2D, it didn’t work, there was just too much camera movement. The dialouge scenes were brilliant! The set design, costumes were xlint.

I’ll check to see if it’s available on Blu-ray 3D. Check back on my Blu ray section.

Stars, Natasza Urbanska and Borys Szyc and Daniel Olbrychski.
Directed by: Jerzy Hoffman.

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