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Silent Hill 3D New Images

Posted on 22 October 2012 by admin

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D it’s almost here! The 3D film is based on Konami’s franchise horror video game, Silent Hill. Written and directed by Michael J. Bassett.
The production notes from Silent Hill describe Michael J Bassett’s approach to characters and storytelling utilizing the 3D format as a tool used to create dimension and immersion throughout specific sections of the story. Mr. Bassett, per the production notes visualized the entire story with 3D in mind and created entire scenes and built sets that would benefit from being captured in 3D. Awesome, it’s nice to see that the 3D format was not an after thought.
Conversions can work if planned /pre-production and not a post after thought. The story set design, placement of actors in relationship to VFX effects, physical props, etc; are thought out in advance with a 3D output in mind.

Check out the newly released on set photos. They look pretty cool. The images are a bit dark; hopefully they took into consideration the light factor during shooting. We’ll find out October 26, 2012 just in time for Halloween!

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