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AFM 3D Films Announced

Posted on 01 November 2012 by admin

Timur Bekmambetov, Russian animation will premeire The Snow Queen 3D at the AFM in Santa Monica California. Snow Queen 3D is an adaption of the Hans Christian Andersen’s famous fairy tail that was first published in 1845. The Daily Variety describes the newly announced Russian Snow Queen as featuring, state of the art animation with likeable characters. Disney also has a 3D toon in the works as well “Frozen” based on the same Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale. The Russian version is budgeted around $7mil for their 90 minute picture just a fraction of the cost of Disney’s animated toon, “Frozen.”

Also just announced at AFM, Karl Urban and Willow Shields to star in a 3D Fantasy, “The Wonder.” The storyline centers around 14 year old Rachel Shields who along with two of her classmates, find the end of a rainbow which transports them to China. Interesting location, story-line could be one of the tentpoles vieing for the Chinese market. Smart move by the producers. It was announced that Ron Underwood will helm and Pixomondo the VFX Oscar winner for Hugo will handle the special effects for the Wonder. Regarding the 3D…Immersive is what the audience is looking for. Yes we want objects in our laps when we’re watching the movie why else would we wear glasses in a dark theater!

By: Steven D. Ito

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