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The Queen and Attenbourough go 3D

Posted on 13 December 2012 by admin

Just when you thought The Royal Family dissed the 3D format after Prince William banned 3D cameras from his 2011
wedding. His 86-year-old grandmother Queen Elizabeth II gave her consent to film this year’s annual Christmas speech in 3D.
The Queen’s progressive decision to be captured in the third dimension makes her the first Royal to ever be filmed in the
new 3D format.
The event was filmed by UK broadcaster BSkyB with a customer base of over 10 million BSkyB was also an early adopter of 3D.
The annual holiday event will air on the BBC and ITV on Christmas Day. Christmas Day may become a day to view the “future of entertainment,” 3D special’s. Look for Sir David Attenborough’s 3D Flying Monsters playing on Christmas Day as well in the UK.

Those looking to watch the events in 3D will need a 3D enabled television and 3D glasses.
If the Queen’s 3D event is re-released as well as Flying Monsters 3D online you may be
able to watch the 3D televisied programs on your computer with paper anaglyph 3d glasses via youtube. There may be some limitations to viewing the event on youtube depending on source material. You can make anaglyph 3D glasses yourself just google anaglyph paper glasses.
You’ll be able to order them soon from our website. Stay tuned for more.

By: Steven D. Ito

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