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Cinemizer OLED Showcases in NY

Posted on 19 January 2013 by admin

Total 3D Solutions introduces their Cinemizer OLED at this week’s Real Estate Connect conference in New York. Total 3D Solutions introduced the wearable self-contained video glasses last year and announced that they were selling the device to medical professionals, dentist, etc to make the patient experience more enjoyable. Patients can watch 3D movies while at the dentist; it’s great to see that cutting edge 3D entertainment systems are on a steady path to the consumer.
The Cinemizer OLED simulates a 40”HD TV with both 2D and 3D capabilities. Could be a fun tool for the high end home market and maybe a way to spice up a real estate agents marketing campaign. The luxe home real estate market is extremely competitive and the high end home market is on fire, so with real estate agents constantly on the go utilizing Cinemizer’s OLED will allow the agent a way to virtually showcase the sellers property in immersive 3D to a perspective buyer that may not have time to visit a property. From Total 3D Solutions website, other uses include, 3D gaming, 3D photography and 3D videography, 3D education, 3D movies, 3D CAD. I found the Cinemizer OLED’s suggested use as a reference monitor while shooting in 3D to be a pretty cool function. MSRP $749.00, price will vary depending on usage, etc. We haven’t personally tested the product but we’ve included a review from CNET.

From CNET:
Good: “The Zeiss Cinemizer OLED is a lightweight and portable 3D headset with very good battery life. The headset is stylish and appears well-made. The headset supports iPhone.”
Bad: “Image quality is poor, plagued by blue and red crosstalk and minimal shadow detail, draining images of impact. The 40-inch simulated image is way too small. The earbuds sound terrible, and the headphone jack only works with the iPhone attachment. They also make you look weird.”
Source: CNET

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