XBox One to Support 3D and 4K Content

Posted on 24 May 2013 by admin

The X Box One is the next generation gaming console from Microsoft. The X Box One is built with some future proofing in mind. The new console
can do some things we may not be quite ready for, like 4K playback. Microsoft has also given the console the the ability to support 3D visuals. 3D
support was kept under wraps by Microsoft until XBox spokesman Larry Major Nelson, mentioned it in a Wednesday Yahoo chat session.
Microsoft is trying to position the new X Box One as the central hub for home entertainment. The X Box will have some competition from both Sony with it’s new PS4 and from Nintendo with their new Wii U. It’s great to see that Microsoft is on board now with 3D entertainment. Just a few years ago, post Avatar Microsoft did’t lend much support to the new 3D technology. It’s great to see that they are on board now. It signifies a strong vote of confidence in 3D entertainment.

Source: The Verge

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