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GTA Creator Rebuilds Original GTA 1 in 3D

Posted on 18 October 2013 by admin

IGN reports that Michael Dailly the original creator of the Grand Theft Auto series is re-building the first GTA game in 3D. Not sure yet if it will be a total overhaul in 3D or a partial 3D remake.
Dailly recently tweeted photos and details of his 3D remake of Liberty City. The 3D upgrades were made using Game Maker/Studio Package.
It’s being reported that the remake runs in both WebGL and HTML5 at 60 frames per second.

The original Grand Theft Auto was released in 1997 to very favorable reviews. The most recent release in the ongoing series, GTA V launched this September 2013 breaking a number of records, including the fastest entertainment property to hit the $1 billion dollar mark.

No word yet on if the company plans to implement gameplay or release the project to the public. Could the 3D remake be related to buzz surrounding glasses free 3D televisions, laptops and smartphones?

Glasses free 3D televisions should hit the retail shelves sometime in 2014. I caught an early glimpse a year ago at in Hollywood California at a 3D conference…pretty sweet! I’m sure there will be an announcement at the 2014 CES with regards to the delivery of glasses free tv’s. The first generation sets will be a bit pricey. Recently I attended a 3D conference at Dreamwork’s in Glendale CA, a Dolby rep was on hand talking about the Dolby glasses free televisions should be a game changer for home entertainment and the gaming industry. The Dolby/Phillips glass free 3D will be applicable

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