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Izon Makes a Play for 3D at Home!

Posted on 05 November 2013 by admin

The Florida based company Izon, today announced that it will be bringing auto-steroscopic LED televisions to the market in the second quarter of 2014. The company is anticipating a launch that will include a line up of 32- inch, 47-inch -and 55-inch glasses-free 3D television’s. An auto-steroscopic television is 3D television without the need for glasses.

From the PR: “Izon has perfected the assembly process to produce sub-pixel accurate alignment in the 3D displays, creating crystal clear imagery at an affordable price. Izon features its HyperMix3D(TM), a multi-thread 3D rendering technology that uses algorithms that take advantage of multi-core GPU’s and produces immersive 3D without eyestrain.”

Seamless, perfect glasses-free 3D technology is the Holy Grail of home entertainment. I stress in order for the technology to resonate with consumers the image must be perfect and the television must be seamless and easy to operate out of the box. “Plug and Play is what audiences are looking for.
Post Avatar, just about every major television manufacture around the globe raced to deliver their version of the 3D television and there were also a few attempts at glasses-free 3D TV’s as well. Toshiba released their early version of the glasses-free 3D television. It was a nice attempt but the technology was still in it’s infancy stage. The glasses-free 3D set had a very limited viewing angle.
There was also a bit of conflict between 3D television manufactures as well as to format of choice, passive or active shutter glasses technology. The active glasses were and still are a bit pricey. Most of the 3D glasses are not cross compatible (passive 3D glasses are compatible with other passive 3D sets ) with other 3D televisions using the active shutter format. Viewing angles for both passive and active were also questionable.
Most of the 3D televisions we tested seemed to work well displaying good 3D imagery but the earlier (2010-2011) glasses were uncomfortable. There has been a dramatic redesign in current versions of most active and passive 3D glasses.
While were on the subject fit and comfort of 3D glasses, RealD please improve your 3D glasses. The frames your company offers at the theaters are unacceptable! Chime in drop us an email if you agree with us and we’ll pass it along to RealD.

Let’s hope Izon gets it right. If and when we’re able to get a first hand look at the quality of the displays and 3D imagery we’ll let you guys know. Dolby auto-stereoscopic should be hitting the US market around the same time, second quarter 2014. We were able to take a look at one of their early prototypes in 2012 and I have to say I was very impressed. The 3D image was sharp and clear from multi-viewing angles…but still maybe a little flat. Let’s hope Dolby works that one out. To date the Dolby/Phillips technology driven auto stereoscopic 3D televisions were the best we’ve seen.
More when I get it. From what we’ve gathered over the years of tracking the 3D market, seamless, hassle free 3D TV is just around the corner.

BY: Steven D. Ito
Source: Sacramento Bee PR/IzonTV

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