Mozilla’s New 3D Online Game

Posted on 14 December 2013 by admin

Today the Los Angeles Times reports that Mozilla Corp. unveiled on Thursday a version of “Monster Madness Online.”
The New 3D game is a multiplayer Zombie themed shooting video game that is built to run on Web browsers such as Firefox and Chrome.
The new offering is a way for web browser makers such as Google and
Mozilla to capture gamers in the multi-billion dollar video game industry. Google and Mozilla have been developing ways to play video games without the use of expensive gaming consoles.
The Los Angeles Times reports that the official launch of the new 3D online game will be in May 2014. For now the game won’t run on tablet’s or smartphone browsers.
The HTML5 port of Monster Madness uses only standard Web technologies so for now the game will run in any browser supporting the proper web browser standards. Trendy Entertainment’s CTO Jeremy Steiglitz, said he expects the game to work properly on high end smartphone and portable devices when it officially launches in May of 2014.

3D is “The Future of Entertainment®!”
By: Steven D. Ito
Source: Los Angeles Times

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