Animated GIF of a 3D Bear

Posted on 18 April 2014 by admin

GIF, pronounced JIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. GIF’s are image files that are compressed to reduce transfer time.
Thought the animated bear was pretty cool, so I had to share it with you guys. The GIF is composed of a 3D printed bear. The two companies involved DBLG and Blue Zoo created the 3D animation, “Bear on Stairs.”
The two creative media companies combined old school stop motion with the latest tech craze, 3D printing.
It’s being reported that the GIF is made up of 40-50 individual 3D printed bear. Each 3D printed bear is set in position then photographed. The photos are stitched together to form one seamless animation.
The detailed process took four weeks to complete.
A number of 3D animated movies have utilized the same stop motion process in their movies but I don’t think they incorporated the use of 3D printed characters! The recently released Lego Movie, incorporated a mix of stop motion and computer animation. Pirates Band of Misfits, Frankenweenie, Wallace and Gromit, Coraline and ParaNorman are a few of the top noted stop motion features. We have the trailer for Paranorman and a few others located on our Youtube Channel or in our trailer section. Look for Boxtrails, a 3D animated feature coming out later this year. We have a few behind the scenes video on the making of ParaNorman and most of the characters seem to be made individually by artist.
The 3D animated Bear, what a great calling card for the future of stop motion filmmaking and 3D printing.

BY: S.D. Ito

Source: Blue Zoo, DBLG

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