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Next Resident Evil in 3D

Posted on 24 April 2014 by admin

Paul W.S. Anderson was on hand at the Beijing International Film Festival. The director of the Resident Evil franchise spoke at the festival’s 3D film summit.
Director Paul Anderson spoke on the virtues of 3D and some of the missteps that filmmakers in the states have made with the 3D format which almost killed the 3D film market in the US.
Paul is absolutely correct…too many filmmakers rushed to convert or film their movies in 3D. The end results for many of the past 3D films released post Avatar were awful.
China has over 20,000 3D capable screens and the numbers are still growing. China’s filmgoers have one of the most voracious appetites in the world for features in 3D. Filmmakers and 3D tech companies are
aggressively courting China which is one of the fastest growing 3D film markets in the world. Paul W.S.Anderson mentioned that the next installment of Resident Evil will very well be in 3D. Paul is committed to the format and one of the early adopters of 3D and committed to bringing quality 3D films to the big screen and it looks like he also made a pitch to do business in China…good move.

Check out the video below.


By: S.D.Ito

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