3D App Seene

Posted on 13 May 2014 by admin

From movies to 3D printing, the third dimension has captured the attention of artist, engineers, scientist and inventors across numerous fields.
One of those emerging new fields is 3D Imagining and capture. Tech company Obvious Engineering is the computer vision start-up company behind the 3D photo app Seene.
Seene was actually launched last year in October but has since garnered a lot of attention due to 3D printing and it’s million plus downloads. The company behind Seene is improving on the Smartphone 3app
with hopes of making the app more main stream, example converting your 2D images to 3D and maybe even an CAD file to print out your favorite 2D image in 3D form.
Check out the video above pretty awesome!

By: S.D. Ito
Source: Seene

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