The Future of Entertainment® 3D Museums

Posted on 29 August 2014 by admin

CNBC reports that “3D art” might be the “Future of Entertainment® and a big draw for Tourism in Asia.
I have to agree! And not just for Asia. Ever since I saw the amazing reaction and active participation from all ages of 3D street art, it made me relaize that there is something truly magical about 3D imagery. At the Suntec city shopping mall in Singapore visitors at the Alive Museum gather to take pictures of themselves interacting with the 3D art.

In a recent CNBC report one visitor to Singapore’s latest attraction waited in line for up to three hours to take a picture of herself riding Harry Potter’s broomstick complete with a backdrop of a scene picked from the hugely popular Harry Potter film franchise. The visitor was thrilled with when she left the museum with a photo riding Harry Potter’s broomstick.
The 3D museums are expected to be big business throughout Asia. Popularized first in the Korean market, it has since spread to China, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Two museums Trick Eye Museum and Alive Museum which opened in June 2014 in Singapore just in time for summer break and family vacations were overwhelmed with visitors. Photo taking and sharing along with social media, finding that unique photo is on everyones to do list. The 3D art museums are fulfilling all the requirements for a must see travel destination and outing. Engaging, interactive, new, fun open to all ages, educational. We’ll try to post locations for the 3D museums on our website.
3D art is very popular around the world. 3D artist have been hired to paint interactive 3D art for spectators all around the globe. We’ll report more on this growing trend.
Source: CNBC

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