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Disney Screening Big Hero 6

On November 8th 2014 The International 3D and Advanced Imaging Society hosted a screening for the 3D animated feature Big Hero 6 at the Disney studios. Big Hero 6 was directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams. The movie opened in the USA on November 7th 2014 and has been holding steady in the number one box office position domestically.
The animation was amazing, very entertaining, the screening was packed.
Now on to the 3D. The filmmakers seemed very conservative in their use of 3D or characteristics that I think make a great 3D film…some of which are the before the screen particles and or images that seem to pop out of the screen. I know critics in the past have criticized 3D filmmakers for their over use of that effect but I think many of the filmmakers and 3D post conversion companies are missing the mark and the recent 3D films have seemed a bit flat.
James Cameron utilized 3D incredibly well in Avatar. I was a little disappointed in Cameron’s second film Sanctum 3D, which he produced but did not direct. With Sanctum given the environment in which director Alistair Grierson was working it seemed difficult to capture foreground images which gives depth to 3D films while keeping the camera focused on the performers. The movie was an amazing technical exercise given the difficult environment in which the cast and crew had to work in but the 3D was very disappointing.
Back to Big Hero 6 there were again so many missed opportunities to really immerse the audience in the movie and to share that magical movie-going experience that 3D is capable of. Big Hero 6 had so many scenes in which a bit more out of the screen 3D effect would have really immersed the audience in the film. The story and characters held the attention and emotion of the audience now the film makers had yet one more tool that imho was not utilized to it’s full effect.

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