Samsung VR and 3D

Posted on 19 December 2014 by admin

Online tech website Phandroid reports on Oculus Rift and the new Samsung VR device ability to play 3D movies.
The two cutting edge VR 3D tech gadgets are Future Proofing their devices by allowing the user
the capability to import and watch movies in the third dimension via virtual cinema mode. For a more detail on the process click on the Phandroid or Samsung VR link belowThe past four years we saw the highs and lows of 3D cinema. Even though the technology has been around for decades, current television electronic companies and film makers fumbled with the technology. A handful of film-makers seem to understand the artistic, immersive impact 3D could have on the viewer…but many are still to conservative in their use of the technology and in my opinion are missing key moments in which to utilize the new 3D technology. Many of the recent 3D releases felt as if you were looking through a window and watching a moment in time (not bad) as opposed to really immersing the audience in the scene, example Avatar’s “Tree of Souls,” truly a magical cinema moment. Glad to still see the tech giants and filmmakers still have 3D and VR firmly planted in their sights.

Steven D. Ito
Source: Phandroid, Samsung VR

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