Glasses Free 3D in Theaters

Posted on 17 January 2015 by admin

Glasses Free 3D may be coming soon to a theater near you in the near future thanks to Austrian start-up TriLite. Austrian researchers have developed a laser system that sends different images to each eye creating a 3D effect without the need for 3D Glasses. The researchers claim that their new technology can project 3D images on giant screens, on outdoor buildings even in New York’s Times Square. The new 3D laser technology would allow hundreds the ability to view 3D images from various positions without distortion which has been the problem with glasses free 3D we know today. 3D, “The Future of Entertainment,” I believe is just around the corner. Glasses Free 3D technology is getting better each year. The new technology is from a new start-up company called TriLite Technologies based in Austria that formed in 2013. The research and development of this new groundbreaking technology was developed alongside a research team from the Vienna University. Other usages per their website are for outdoor ad display and outdoor or large scale glasses free 3D cinema. For more information on this amazing new 3D technology visit TriLite Technologies website by clicking on the link.

Source: TriLite, PC Magazine
By: Steven D. Ito

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