New Nintendo 3DS XL Launches in the US

Posted on 13 February 2015 by admin

The new Nintendo 3DS XL launches today in the US. I’ll pick one up later this week and pass it on to my kid for review.
So far the online review have been pretty good for the newly released except for one thing. Nintendo decided not to include a power cord in the new 3DS XL package. Kotaku reports that the power cord from the original 3DS will work if you happen to have one but if not you can probably find one online for under $15.00. So far that really seems to be the consistent complaint from online reviewers.
On a positive note the new Nintendo includes a new eye tracking system so the 3D looks sharp even when moving your head or the device, unlike the previous 3DS also look for faster processing power, newly added joysticks, 3D face tracking, built-in Amiibo, suggested retail price $199.00.

Source: Kotaku, Nintendo 3DS

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