3D Cameras Embedded in Future Technology

Posted on 24 March 2015 by admin

ABC news, early morning edition had an interesting story featuring an up close look at a new 3D imaging technology coming to market. Contributing tech reporter Tina Trinh took a look at a 3D body scan by start up, “Body Labs.” Body Labs is currently working with the US army to perfect their body armor fit and design. Body Labs takes a 3D image of different body types in order to design a more perfect fitting Body Armor. Other uses mentioned were for fashion and the health and fitness industry. Tina also tested the latest new 3D imaging tablet from Dell called the Venue8 7000. The new Dell tablet is able to photograph a room and or objects and give actual dimension including height and width of captured objects. Tina noted that the Dell product performed well but with a few noted flaws. For a more detailed report check out the enclosed video from ABC new.

Look for 3D technology in upcoming video games, tentpole movies, advertisements, lenticular marketing materials, upcoming tablets and smartphones, health industry and across all sectors of both consumer and industrial goods and products and applications.

Source: ABC NEWS

BY: Steven D. Ito

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