LA Clippers 3D Pre-Game Show

Posted on 26 March 2015 by admin

Los Angeles Clippers 3D Court Projection 3/20/15 from The Famous Group on Vimeo.

Looks like everyone’s going 3D! The Famous Group was recently enlisted by the Los Angeles Clippers to create a 3D Pre-Game show. The outcome…stunning!
The Famous Group has also created 3D magic for the Brooklyn Nets, The New York Nets, Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Wizards. More to follow I’m sure. Crowd response has been amazing reports Adweek online.

Check out the video courtesy and property of The Famous Group. For more in-depth info on how the 3D pre-game show was created click on The Famous Group.

Source: The Famous Group; Adweek.

BY: Steven D. Ito

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