Universal Pictures Jurassic World Scores in 3D!

Posted on 16 June 2015 by admin

Universal Pictures recent release of Jurassic World dominated the world-wide box-office this weekend. The film generated 65% of it’s box office receipts from the sale of 3D tickets.
CNN money reports that $205 million of the estimated $315.7 million dollar record breaking International release came from sales of 3D tickets.
3D Entertainment is becoming “The Future of Entertainment®”. Just think of the increased box office with even stronger word of mouth of a visually stunning 3D constructed film.
Still many of the current tentpole films the studios have been releasing in 3D have been visually flat. The conversion companies are still missing key moments to really immerse the audience in the film. I’m not sure if it’s the conversion companies or the directors choice to use the 3D effect in such a conservative manner. I’ve talked to moviegoers and guest of NowPlaying3D and all agree…they love the 3D film format but wish there was a bit more!

Source: CNN Money

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