Nurse 3D actor sues for $55 million

Posted on 21 July 2015 by admin

TMZ reports…Paz de la Huerta sues filmmakers and director of Nurse 3D for ruining her career. The actress had the lead role in the sex horror film, Nurse 3D. Paz De La Huerta plays a nurse hell-bent on murdering cheating, scumbag men.
The 2011 film was a box-office disaster and critics panned the movie. After a $5k opening weekend, the 3D horror film ended up going straight to video.
The actress claims in her suit reported by TMZ that the film was so bad it ruined her career.
There is a bit more to the suit, the actress claims she was also injured on the set and that the director intentional dubbed her voice in a number of scenes. The actress is also requesting in the lawsuit that the director re-dub the scenes she was in with her own voice. Take a look at the trailer, didn’t see it but it could be a fun campy movie. Maybe this lawsuit will give the film some much needed publicity for a second life!

Source: TMZ


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