Create a 3D Hologram with your SmartPhone

Posted on 05 August 2015 by admin® always knew 3D was cool! And is The Future of Entertainment® Recently a YouTube channel has been getting a lot of buzz, “Mrwhosetheboss” posted a diy
that gives directions on how to turn your iPhone into a 3D hologram projector. The 3D hologram project involves a plastic CD cover, a glass cutter, a sheet of graph paper, tape and something to write with.
We’ve watched the video and it’s a pretty cool trick. The video has raked up more than 4.6million views. What does that tell you guys? People love 3D!
We’ve included the video here for you to check out. Looking for something similar but a little more elaborate check this out.
We spotted it on Kickstarter a short while ago. Just didn’t have time to post it.
Click on the link, Holus
If you click on the Kickstarter link above you can pre-order the Tabletop Holus Tabletop Holographic Display.

Source: KickStarter,, Mrwhosetheboss,

BY: Steven D. Ito

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