LG Optimus 3D Mobile/Teaser Trailer

Posted on 09 February 2011 by admin

LG Optimus 3D Mobile

A teaser video obtained by Pocket Lint gives us a glimpse at the new LG Optimus 3D smartphone . LG is expected to make the announcement at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain February 14-17 2011. The glasses-free 3D handheld devices that will hit the US market this year, in my opinion is the secondary delivery system that will help spread 3D content to the masses. The first being 3D cinema. The 3D TV movement is picking up steam but the overall adoption rate and uptake of 3D TV’S is a bit slow. I think once the hardware manufactures get on the same page with uniform deliver format, glasses (passive vs. active) etc. there will be less confusion and apprehension in the consumer market. I’ve seen hints of a few other LG 3D products like the 3D tablet; I’ll track down the video and post it. It features a tablet with dual lens, it was also reported that the tablet would require 3D glasses. I think it would be pretty cool to take a 3D photo or video with one of the new 3D cameras coming out and share via 3DS or 3D smartphone. The consumer 3D market is set to explode via new glasses-free hand-held delivery systems from the likes of Nintendo, LG, Sharp and possibly Apple ! By: Steven D. Ito

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