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LG Introduces New 3D TV line Up!

Posted on 18 February 2011 by admin

SEOUL, South Korea — LG Electronics says the competition is heating up in the global battle to woo viewers to 3D TV’s. LG thinks it has an edge with it’s new
Cinema 3D TV which it called the “next generation” in 3D TV’S. LG enlisted the help of popular South Korean movie star Won Bin, who attracted a large group of female fans at a recent LG 3D media event.
LG Electronics and other manufacturers, including South Korean rival Samsung Electronics Co. and Japan’s Sony Corp, are making a big push into 3D TV. All are fighting for first position in the hot emerging 3D marketplace. The 2010 3D TV sales were below expectations but that hasn’t stopped any of the 3D manufacturing giants from introducing new products.
The need for bulky and expensive battery-powered glasses has been seen as a drawback for 3-D TV. Among other negatives in 2010 has been a lack of 3D content. 2011 and beyond, we should start to see a ton of new 3D content. In the US, newly created 24/7 3D programming from recently launched, ESPN 3D, 3Net and Comcast’s new entry just announced, called Xfinity 3D will increase available 3D content. 2D to 3D conversion facilities are working around the clock to convert film titles to the hot new 3D format.
Now if we can just get the TV manufactures to agree on a standard format…active glasses or passive…the battle between the electronic giants continues.
Tune in to NowPlaying3D…we’ll update the 3D TV sector/news as new info comes in.
By: Steven D. Ito

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