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SEGA’S Marvel Movie Tie-Ins

Posted on 19 March 2011 by admin

Post Avatar 2010 3D hardware manufactures were full steam ahead bringing new products to market. Critics thought 3D was just a passing fad…2011 the 3D market is on fire. New 3D hardware including the first mass produced glasses-free device comes to market, The Nintendo 3DS. 3DS initial launch was in Japan was a big hit. The device reaches the US on March 27th and launches in the UK on March 25th. It seems a new 3DS and 3D game title from the major game developers emerges daily. Sega launches Marvel’s Thor and Captain in glorious 3D for 3DS, PlayStation3 and Xbox 360. Word is that most gamers are in a wait and see mode as some of the past movie-game tie-ins seem to have been rushed to market.

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