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X Box One System adds 3D Update

Posted on 18 August 2014 by admin

Good news X Box One fans Microsoft is finally rolling out their update for 3D Blu-ray support.
Back in the days post Avatar, Microsoft was taking a wait and see with regards to the new 3D format. While score of major electronic manufactures jumped on the band wagon
a few electronics firms decided to wait in the wings and see if the format would actually gain traction. I guess we can say that Microsoft’s decision to add the August 3D software update is their confirmation that the 3D format is here to stay. Great news for 3D fans! I think there will be some amazing new games coming out soon that will support 3D and when the electronics manufactures finally release the auto stereo televisions sets…maybe we’ll have a resurgence and excitement in the 3D market as we did in 2010-2011.

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Prometheus 4-Disc Collector’s Edition

Posted on 28 September 2012 by admin

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus will hit store shelves on October 9th. Cinema blend reports that the 4-disc collector’s edition will feature over seven additional hours of extras. The extras will include screen test, commentary and deleted scenes. For the 3D filmmaker let’s hope it includes on set commentary of Ridley Scott’s approach to filming in 3D.
A 2 disc Blu-ray version will also be available but if you plan on buying a new TV in the next year or so you may want to go for the 3D version.

Check out our 3D trailer section for more scenes from Prometheus.

The 3D collector’s edition seems to be the way to go on this one. Even if you don’t currently own a 3D TV, it’ll be a feature default setting on pretty much all new large screen TV’s. Stay tuned I’ll post more from the 3D Entertainment Summit that just took place in Hollywood California.

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Avatar Blu-Ray 3D

Posted on 15 August 2012 by admin

A special message from James Cameron.

Available this October 2012.

Avatar 3D Blu-ray Collector’s edition debuts worldwide on October 15th and In North America on October 16th from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. The two disc Avatar 3D Blu-ray Collector’s Edition will feature the original theatrical release and will also be available in collectible packaging.
Avatar paved the way for the current 3D craze and was seen by more than 310 million people world-wide with a box-office take of more than $2.7 billion dollars.
Prior to the upcoming October release, the Avatar 3D Bluy-ray disc was only available through a special promotion with purchase of a Panasonic 3D TV.
I think it’s great that finally the movie that started the rush to 3D filmmaking will be available on a wide scale allowing 3D filmmakers a chance to study and not only emulate Cameron’s use of 3D technology but maybe take 3D filmmaking to a whole new level.

Source: engadget

Purchase your Collector’s copy of Avatar below!

By: Steven D. Ito

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Panasonic AVATAR 3D TV Commercial 2010

Posted on 13 January 2011 by admin

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