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Dell Unveils 3D XPS, Alienware Laptops

Posted on 13 January 2011 by admin

3D notebooks may be old news for many, as we’ve seen a lot of them in 2010 from Acer and Asus. Laptop giant Dell, has finally hopped on the 3D bandwagon by announcing 3D notebooks in their XPS and Alienware lineup. The first is the XPS 17, which is a 17-inch notebook with a 120Hz Full HD screen that will be compatible with Nvidia’s 3DVision kit. Dell said that it will sell the 3D Vision glasses separately.

The new XPS 3D notebook will feature Nvidia’s new GT 555M graphics card, which is currently their fastest offering in the performance segment. This GPU also enables HDMI 1.4a, so you can use Nvidia’s 3DTV Play software and game in 3D on your 3D TV using the provided glasses. Apart from the visual treat, there’s something for your ears as well, as the new notebook will pack in JBL speaker system. The XPS 17 3D will start with a price of $1,449 (Rs. 65,900 approx) and will start shipping from February 1.

For all those who can’t game without a bunch of multicolored flashing lights in your face, say hello to the new updated Alienware M17x with the same Full HD 3D screen. There’s no mention of which graphics card the M17x will carry, but you could expect the same Nvidia GT 555M or may be two of them in SLI. Details on the other components are still a bit hazy, but you can expect the usual suspects like Intel’s new SandyBridge processors, a lot of RAM and hard drives in RAID.

There is one new feature that will probably be the first to be implemented in a notebook and that’s WHDI or Wireless Home Digital Interface, which is a standard for sending HD video signals across wirelessly. What this means is, with the help of a little box plugged into your HDTV, you can stream content from your laptop like a movie or a game, while sitting comfortably on your couch. The standard M17x will also probably start at the same price as the 3D XPS, while the 3D version would be a lot more.

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