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Rembrandt 3D Launches 4K Glasses-Free 3D Screens

Posted on 05 July 2015 by admin

Rembrandt 3D recently displayed its new line of Glasses-Free 3D 4K Full HD Displays at the Three Rivers Technology Exhibition in Pittsburg Pennsylvania last week.
The event was highlighted by a demo of their new Special Edition glasses-free 3D 3DAS 10-inch Android Tablet which played content from Emmy award-winning filmmaker Ken Love’s new Frank Lloyd Wright Film, “Fallingwater in 3D, the House Tour.”
Rembrandt 3D CEO Steven Blumenthal said “It is by far the best 3D we have ever converted for 3D auto stereoscopic viewing and I believe that is the most picture-perfect 3D ever seen without glasses. (NP3D) That is a very bold statement, we at® would love the opportunity to demo the the new device first hand. We have been following the 3D display market for the past five years, pst “Avatar” and have seen most of the auto-stereo displays on the market. None were perfect but many were getting close to a distortion free auto-stereo 3D display. We’re eagerly awaiting the picture perfect glasses-free 3D display. The market is ready for such a device as well. There is plenty of new 3D content and a ton of new 3D contentment in the pipeline as well, so such a device would be welcomed with open arms.
In a recent article by “Digital Signage”, CEO Steve Blumenthal claims, the 3D shots are crystal clear. No ghosting, artifacts, sweet spots or image deterioration. Rembrandt claims no gimmicks or add-ons such as head tracking. (NP3D) Wow…ok, now I really have to see this device. The new 3DS by Nintendo is a big improvement from their earlier 3DS glasses free gaming device released a few years ago. Nintendo was able to improve on the previous 3DS by adding head tracking to position the viewer in the correct viewing position. It’s great news for the 3D display industry. More when we get it.

Source: Digital Signage, Rembrandt 3D

By: Steven D. Ito

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Toshiba Develops Glasses-Free 3D Television

Posted on 29 December 2014 by admin

Toshiba Develops Glasses-Free 3D Television:

Toshiba just announced it has developed a new technology for 3D displays that do not require the viewer to wear 3D glasses. The technology realizes a highly portable, compact display that the user can easily switch between 2D mode Ultra-High Def 4K and High Definition 3D. Toshiba will unveil their new Glasses-Free Technology at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Sow in Las Vegas, which runs from January 6th-9th.

Toshiba unveiled an earlier version of Glasses-Free 3D a few years ago but the early attempt though noted, as a breakthrough just didn’t produce an enjoyable viewing experience. Toshiba’s earlier Glasses Free 3D TV had a sweet spot and very limited viewing angles. There was a lot of cross talk in Toshiba’s earlier attempt.

According to the recent Toshiba press release the new Glasses-Free 3D Television will be a game changer. Moving forward Toshiba said that the new technology could be applied to screens of any size even mobile.

A few other companies will be announcing their versions of Glasses-Free 3D Televisions, which is said to be the Holy-Grail of Televisions if the electronics manufacture can get it right.

Not sure if Toshiba is in partnership with Dolby and Phillips. The later two formed a strategic partnership and have combined technologies to create a pretty impressive Glasses-Free 3D Television which I had the pleasure of experiencing first hand. Dolby’s 3D HD television was pretty impressive.

By: Steven D. Ito
Source: Business Wire Toshiba 3D

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KickStarter Glasses-Free Mission Critical 3D Monitor

Posted on 01 December 2014 by admin

It’s been almost five years since the release of James Cameron’s 3D Avatar movie. The 3D movie proved so successful at the box-office that electronics manufactures saw the opportunity
to fill a void in what was predicted to one of the largest and most profitable electronics sectors in the world, 3D home entertainment. The rush to fill the home 3D entertainment void by global electronics manufactures
by the likes of Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, LG, Samsung and others proved to be somewhat of a failure. Most of the electronics manufactures rush to market to be first in proved fatal. Consumers were confused by the
early release of 3D televisions. The 3D televisions lacked a primary format. There was the active and passive 3D formats available from the different manufactures each claiming superiority over the next. The truth was that nobody really wanted to wear the cumbersome 3D glasses while at home. A few companies are exploring the auto-stereoscopic world (glasses-free 3D) they include, MasterImage, 3D Fusion, Dolby, Ultra D, and a handful of others. Digital Trends just reported on another company hoping to enter the glasses free 3D market if their campaign is successfully funded on KickStarter. A small R&D company based in Rochester New York that has worked for over 25 years in collaboration with NASA and the US Department of Defense among others think they have the solution to 3D at home. Dimension Technologies claims to have developed a glasses free 3D technology with no crosstalk, no sweetspots or head movement restrictions and multiple viewers. I had a chance to demo most of the models mentioned in the article except the newly announced DTI version. All were very promising but really only Dolby had that wow factor. The Dolby demo I saw looked to be a game change even though the 3D images were a little flat. I’ll keep you posted if I happen to get a hands on review of the new DTI Glasses-Free Mission Critical 3D display. For an in-depth review from the manufactures of the new DTI Glasses-Free Mission Critical 3D watch the video above.

Source: Mission Critical 3D Display, Digital Trends

BY: Steven D. Ito

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Sharp Introduces World’s Largest 3D HDTV

Posted on 22 June 2012 by admin

Sharp is aimming to be the King of the premium 3D HDTV market. Toms guide reports that on Tuesday Sharp announced that it has shipped the world’s largest 3D HDTV at 90 inches. We reported in Janurary that LG released a 72″ 3D “Smart TV and at that time LG was the record holder.
The newly released Sharp AQUOS LED TV (model LC-90LE745U) is nearly 4 feet tall and almost 6 feet 8 inches wide.

By: Steven D. Ito

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ASUS outs 3D LCD monitor

Posted on 14 January 2011 by admin

Asus introduces a new 3D LCD monitor, model VG236H. The Asus features a 23″ monitor that will retail for $589 USD which seems a bit steep. The good news is that it will include a 3D Vision kit at that price.

The LCD display has a refresh rate of 120 Hz allowing a smooth 60Hz per eye with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. No complaint about the response time either, 2ms. As for connectivity to video output devices, the ASUS implemented DVI and HDMI inputs.

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