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3D Where’s the Beef ?

Posted on 11 July 2012 by admin

If you’re reading this article you’re probably a fan or at least somewhat interested in 3D entertainment. I think we can all agree that filmmakers, electronics’ manufactures have taken 3D to amazing new heights. With the current gains in 3D technology the format is getting close to the same level of perfection as the recent comparisons of color and sound.

It’s getting close but I have something to say about some of the recent 3D movies releases…

The Avenger’s, the much hyped Prometheus 3D, The Amazing Spiderman…all I can say is, “Where’s the Beef”?
Avengers, Prometheus and even The Amazing Spiderman great movies on their own but again the 3D was a bit weak. Look guys…I’m paying a premium price for the ticket, I’m anticipating some really cool effects. I’m watching a 3D film from the industry’s top film makers. I want to be immersed and impressed by the 3D tech…I want to see some shit pop out at me!
Guys…watch the IMAX opening title credits, truly amazing. We had four in our group during a recent Prometheus outing and after the opening IMAX credits you could hear the audience comments, “wow”, “that was awesome.” We had a couple of kids in our group for the Prometheus film they liked the movie but also thought the 3D was just ok. They absolutely loved the IMAX opening credits.
Prometheus really blew a couple of key moments for me with regards to the 3D. The sandstorm scripted perfectly for 3D yet the stereo effect was just marginal. Prometheus/scene Interior cave, the organ playing, mystical shit flying everywhere except “before the screen” and around my head.
3D is truly magical when done right.
On a recent trip to Hong Kong I had the opportunity to catch the Amazing Spiderman in 3D…again,” Where’s the Beef”? The filmmakers really blew numerous occasions for potentially stellar 3D moments and there were many.
I want to see 3D succeed but with constant mishaps and 3D oversights occurring in major studio blockbuster’s no wonder there are so many viewers on the fence with regards to 3D. 3D done right, the lasting affect and the entertainment value priceless.

The trades have reported that boxoffice is up in the United States yet 3D attendance is down. Guy’s it’s not that the American audiences are tired of movies in 3D. They just haven’t had many 3D movies that really gave them their monies worth. Look if the 3D effects are so sutle like in Spiderman, I actually took my glasses off for many of the scenes and given the current economy and the increased ticket price for movies in the 3D format I think some may just choose to see the movie in 2D.

The filmmakers listed in this article are amazing. I’m sure they could have have increased the level of effect “before the screen” but knowing the film would play to masses wanted to keep the 3D stereo effects at a conservative level…guy’s next time bump it up a bit!

By: S.D.I

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