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Paranorman 3D

Posted on 18 August 2012 by admin

Paranorman, a 3D animated stop motion movie from Laika entertainment whose first film, the 2009 animated stop-motion Coraline 3D was a box-office success and received Golden Globe and Acadamy Award nominations for Best Animated Feature. Paranorman 3D as well as Hugo 3D and of course Avatar are the types of 3D filmaking that will help solidify the success of 3D entertainment…keep them coming!
Check out the video with writer/director Chris Butler and co-director Sam Fell (run time 4:50 ) also an insightful interview with voice actress Anna Kendrick.
I also included a second look at the commercial spots that aired during the 2012 London Olympics.
The movie opens today August 17th 2012 and has been trending well on our youtube channel, a good indication that it should come in on Monday with some pretty good boxoffice numbers.

Let’s hope they get the 3D right!


Interview with co-director Sam Fell and Co-director & writer Chris Butler.

Interview with actress Anna Kendrick

Commercial spots for Paranorman aired during the Olympics

Source: Focus features

By: Steven D. Ito

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