Prometheus 4-Disc Collector’s Edition

Posted on 28 September 2012 by admin

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus will hit store shelves on October 9th. Cinema blend reports that the 4-disc collector’s edition will feature over seven additional hours of extras. The extras will include screen test, commentary and deleted scenes. For the 3D filmmaker let’s hope it includes on set commentary of Ridley Scott’s approach to filming in 3D.
A 2 disc Blu-ray version will also be available but if you plan on buying a new TV in the next year or so you may want to go for the 3D version.

Check out our 3D trailer section for more scenes from Prometheus.

The 3D collector’s edition seems to be the way to go on this one. Even if you don’t currently own a 3D TV, it’ll be a feature default setting on pretty much all new large screen TV’s. Stay tuned I’ll post more from the 3D Entertainment Summit that just took place in Hollywood California.

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