iPhone 3D Rumor!

Posted on 21 March 2013 by admin

Is it finally here? The long awaited 3D iPhone. Rumors are swirling again but this time there seems to be a bit of substance behind some of the gossip. Today, electronics firm Hewlett-Packard revealed a new three-dimensional display (See top photo) that could revolutionise and transform the 3D device delivery industry. Medical devices, gaming, and smartphones including the upcoming new iPhone…could benefit from HP’s newly announced three-dimensional display? The possible correlation, according to Patently Apple, a patent has just been granted today Tuesday March 19, 2013 to Apple. The patent granted to Apple is for it’s invention relating to synchronised, interactive augmented reality displays for multifunctional devices or iDevices. A 3D iPhone? Could this be the Holly Grail that all of us 3D enthusiast have been waiting for. If the 3D iPhone is not released as the next generation iPhone, I would hope that Apple would come out with one soon. 3D content is growing, 3D features, online short videos and 3D photos. The consumer just needs a portable glasses free viewing device that’s a step or two above the Nintendo 3DS, in the form of an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy would be nice!

Source: Dailymail

By: Steven D. Ito

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