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Oakley 3D Glasses

Posted on 25 January 2011 by admin

 Get ready all you 3D fashionista’s. Designer 3D glasses are here. I recently checked out a pair of the new Oakley 3D special edition Tron glasses at my local Sunglass Hut. They looked pretty cool like a wrap around sunglass. My local Sunglass Hut only had one size, could be a drawback for some.  I found the Oakley 3D glasses to be a bit heavy. Also coming soon are 3D glasses from Calvin Klein and Gucci. According to the Oakley press release, the Oakley 3D glasses are optically correct 3D glasses. Marchon the world’s third largest eyewear firm unveiled a collection of 3D glasses at CES 2011. Marchon recently received a patent for its curved lenses it uses in3D glasses. Look for more styles of 3D designer glasses to hit the market as the 3D market gains momentum. I also tried the Gunner optics 3D passive glasses at the 2010 3D gaming summit in Los Angeles and was pleasantly surprised with the fit and the viewing experience. Right now from what I’ve seen in the market place the Gunner Optics 3D glasses, is my personal favorite.

by: Steven D. Ito

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