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Amazon Smartphone Glasses Free 3D

Posted on 12 May 2013 by admin

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that Amazon is working on two different smartphones and an audio steaming device. One of the smartphones will feature glasses-free 3D capabilities. The device is said to use retina-tracking technology, images would seem to float above the screen like a hologram and appear in 3D at multiple angles. Hopefully it will be an improvement over the lenticular based type screen that the Nintendo 3DS currently uses. I’ve seen a few glasses-free 3D demos at the 2012 CES and at a 2012 3D convention, the technology is getting better with each new generation of the demonstrated devices. MasterImage was one of the earlier companies promoting glasses free 3D, I first saw the MasterImage demo in 2011. It was a great early attempt at glasses-free 3D, almost but not quite there yet. MasterImages 2012 demo looked pretty good, incredibly promising. I was very impressed with the Dolby/Phillips Glasses-free 3D technology. The glasses-free Dolby 3D was sharp and clear from multiple angles. Dolby’s glasses-free 3D is going to be a game changer and a must have device. Will Amazon be licensing the Dolby/Phillips glasses-free 3D technology to use in their new 3D smartphone or is Amazon developing their own technology for their upcoming glasses-free smartphone? More when I get it. The WSJ reported that no word if any of Amazon’s newly announced new devices will actually hit the market and if so…which product it’ll be.
Amazon has a strong pulse on the 3D entertainment market. Directly tracking the growing number of 3D blu-ray movies available for sale and also the number of 3D films in development and in pre-production via their subsidiary IMDB. The amount of 3D content is growing at an incredibly fast pace. If Amazon can pull it off it’ll have a definite winner on it’s hand. But it has to be perfect glasses-free 3D to make a dent in the crowded smartphone market.

By: Steven D. Ito

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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