Oz The Great and Powerful On Blu Ray

Posted on 29 May 2013 by admin

Oz the Great and Powerful is now available on 3D Blu Ray. Order your copy here on our site coming soon check back under our 3D Blu Ray heading. Oz the Great and Powerful is one of my favorite 3D films of the year. The 3D was excellent, most of the shots were very well planned out. Foreground, mid and background all seemed to be taken into consideration for the 3D shoot. The film had that immersive fantastical quality to it. One of the top in my book. We’ve included a few video clips from the movie which include a behind the scenes look at the fabulous movie sets and a Blooper Reel. The video “Practical Sets” helps explain the detail Sam Rami was able to captured using real or practical sets instead of having the actors act against green/blue screens. It also helps explain the immersive quality the camera operators were able to capture having actual sets as a
More scenes from the movie are available to watch under our 3D Movie trailer section or Via our NowPlaying3D/Youtube Channel

Source: Disney

By: Steven D Ito

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