World War Z in 3D

Posted on 30 May 2013 by admin

Brad Pitt in World War Z opens June 21st in 3D! The apocalyptic zombie horror film will be post converted to 3D, reshoots, over budget and over schedule with all the delays and budget overruns…either perfection or another John Carter…let’s hope they get the story and 3D right. Let us know what you think when it comes out. Check out the new trailer just released, the “Online Concert Promo,” for World War Z. Zombies in 3D should be pretty cool. For a cool zombie type horror movie check out director Danny Boyle’s 2002 “28 Days later” an amazing flick, one of my favorite horror movies…would have been awesome in 3D!


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  1. bharat meher Says:

    good movie

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