Olympus 3D Digital Cameras

Posted on 11 February 2011 by admin

Olympus launched three new point-and-shoot cameras on 02-08-2011 and announces a fourth coming in April.

First a super-zoom, next a compact zoom and third a sub-$100 dollar model. The forth Olympus 3D camera coming in April is the VR-330.
The Olympus SZ-10 super-zoom will pack an 18x optical zoom and capture 3D photos (not true 3D). The three cameras introduced on Tuesday will utilize the Olympus new 3D capture technology. In order to capture true 3D photos, a camera requires two lenses with two corresponding image sensors (like the FujiFilm Real 3D W3). Since the SZ-10 doesn’t have two lenses, it creates one 3D image by shooting two images at different angles and merges them together. The 3D file is written as a .MPO file, the industry standard for 3D image files so it should be compatible for playback with most 3D HDTVs. The SZ-10 will also offer a high resolution (460K dot) 3-inch LCD, 14-megapixel image captures and 720p video capture for $249.99. 3” LCD screen which will most likely not allow for 3D viewing. No mention of the viewer window displaying images in 3D.

The Olympus VR-320 will fit 12.5x optical zoom into a pocket-sized camera. It will do 14-megapixel captures, has a 3-inch LCD (230K dot) and 720p video for $199.99.

The VG-110 will be priced at just $99.99. The camera gives users 4x optical zoom and a 2.7-inch LCD, but unlike the other new cameras, it will lack any mechanical image stabilization. The other cameras use an image sensor that has image stabilization built-in to cut down on blur, whereas the VG-110 will just use software based stabilization.

In April Olympus will release its VR-330 compact camera, which will pack a massive 12.5x zoom and a 14-megapixel sensor. The lens will have a range of 24-300mm. The Olympus VR-330 camera will also have the ability to capture 3D photos in any mode. The 3D photos in .MPO files, which can then be played back on a 3D television or laptop. The VR-330 will have a sparse control layout with only essential menu buttons located on the rear next to the 3in LCD display, and a dedicated button for initiating HD video recordings.
Pricing for the new VR-330 camera is yet to be set.

The manufactures release of affordable consumer 3D cameras will have a nice impact on the world-wide adoption of the 3D format. I think we are going to see some very creative 3D photos and videos very shortly. I recently saw a 3D teaser for Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition made for the upcoming Sony/Discovery/Imax 3Net-network. The SI girls look good in any format. I was a bit disappointed with the 3D depth and immersion quality of the footage I saw at the recent 3DNA. The director was on hand and mentioned that the footage was not made to be seen on such a large screen. I think there should have been a bit more color, movement and creative placements of objects(water, trees, etc.) in the foreground to help define Z axis. Hey it wasn’t my shoot..just an opinion. SDI

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